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The Zombie Apocalypse v1.30

Map Information
Submitted: sora1301
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Aug-26-11
File Size: 7472kb

The Zombie Apocalypse v1.30

The Virus hit hard and fast. Millions turned into Zombies almost overnight, and those who were immune now are the prey to these mindless beasts. Does your team have what it takes to survive the Zombie Apocalypse?
This map is a unique Zombie experience that combines teamwork and skill to create a fun and challenging experience. Players must work together and utilize all their talents and professions in order to achieve victory. The key element to this game is randomness. All spawns, talents, professions, weapons, and events are randomized to assure a new experience every time you play.

Professions and Talents:
Every male survivor has their own professions and talent. Talents generally are combat related and will help your character fight while professions are all about survival. Some of the professions will create useful items for your people while others will provide useful effects. Every profession and talent will level up as your survivor gains combat experience and kills zombies. The most important aspect of this map is utilizing your professions and talents in order to benefit the group as a whole.

Currently there are 10 professions and 10 talents:
1.Construction: Builds defensive buildings to defend your people
2.Craftsmen: Builds useful weapons, armors, and tools to aid you in combat
3.Engineer: Builds modifications to improve your weaponry
4.Munitions: Builds explosive designed to make decimate zombies
5.Reloader: Reloads ammunition for your weapons
6.Physician: Heals wounded survivors
7.Fertility: What can you say? He’s attractive and fertile…increases population
8.Biotech: Creates helpful medical items for your people
9.Survival: Has priceless wilderness knowledge and abilities to aid your people
10.Chemist: Uses toxic compounds to destroy zombies

Supplies are central to your people's survival. Every turn you need a minimum amount of supplies for each survivor or your villagers will starve to death. Supplies can be found by searching houses, random events, fishing, growing crops, mining ore, or killing pigs and sheep. Supplies also are used to create most of the useful items that each profession can provide. Having a booming economy is central to achieving victory.

The Zombie spawn system has been completely revamped. The virus now starts in the Lab area where the infernal disease was created. The virus will attempt to spread to new areas over time, creating virus pools so that the virus can add to its army. Each new base will continue to grow in strength and size the longer they remain, and they also will help the virus spread even faster. Will you risk valuable people trying to fight the spread of disease, or will you just try and outlast the ever growing horde? Either way, zombies crave the succulent taste of women flesh and will attack you every night.

There are now new types of special zombies that spawn depending on the region where the virus has spread:
1.Docks: The docks regions now spawn the dreaded Reaver Zombie. This half fish, half man creature is a much more terrifying hunter.
2.Farm: The farm regions now spawn a mutated sheep called a Boomer. This ticking time bomb explodes upon death dealing damage to everything around it.
3.Graveyard: The virus reanimates the bones of long dead corpses, creating extremely endurable skeletal zombies.
4.Small Towns: The Small Town provide extra bodies for the virus to corrupt, creating extra spawns of normal zombies.

Women are the key to reproduction. Every so often, randomly, women will deliver babies. Even if your male survivor is killed, your female survivor can still deliver a child assuming there are some other male survivors left (the survivors have loose morals), so keep your women safe. Women can also carry items and backpacks.

Your survivors can pick up various weapons to boost their combat effectiveness. However, guns require ammo to shoot so you will need to pick up ammo to use your new weapon. The game features a custom reloading script which makes survivors automatically reload when needed.
As of Version 1.30, there are 13 different weapons:
Hatchet, Knife, Chainsaw, AK-47, M240, SPAS-12, W1200, 9mm, Desert Eagle, Intervention, .50cal, FAMAS, and the M16.
Each of the weapons can also be modified in several different ways, giving a huge variety of possibilities.


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