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Monster Dungeon Escape (with Sonic Secret)

Map Information
Submitted: Mdaniel
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:Jan-03-06
File Size: 61kb

Note: THIS IS A HALF DONE MAP AND ONE OF MY FIRST IT ISN"T PROTECTED EITHER, IF YOU TAKE THIS AND FINISH IT PLEASE GIVE ME A LITTLE RECOGNITION. Your a peasant, you've never done anything but swing a sythe and now your locked in a dungeon with half mad undead, and pitlords who want to pummel you into bacon mist. but dun worry I Mdaniel will help guide you through. first of all, cutting corners is enforced as not a cheat but a necesaty, this starts with easy parts and gets harder, the last part i started on before i enterd this hasn't got any triggers so any comments on it are null-invoid. IM ONLY 13 thanks. The picture has litte to do with the game, i just thought it would be better then my dog

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By Mdaniel on Sep-07-07

HA HA HA!!!! Whow, i just posted this game and left 2 years ago, yeah this was like, my first map XD, yeah go ahead and flame it idc. i say it SUCKED, (well not all of it but yea a fair bit of it) just btw, i ment for it to be tiny and cramped, that makes it harder, i agree w/ poorly made, i dont even have it anymore, and, its just weird, well, i did put NOOB MAP out there in caps ;D
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By Tinki3 on Dec-21-06

My report Card:

+ I guess it was fun for the first 3 minutes
- Gets booring doing the same thing over and over again
- Tiny and crammed maze
- Poorly made
- Its just weird

Overall grade: C-

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