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Dry Winter

Map Information
Submitted: sora1301
Map Genre:Campaign
Last Update:Aug-27-11
File Size: 131kb

Dry Winter

Map Size - 160x128
Tileset - Lordaeron Winter
Suggested Players - 2v2

This map is typical Melee must to destroy your enemies with different strategies. There are 4 races (Humans,Orcs,Undead and Night Elf) for each has different strategies.

Another for map:

Strangely humid yet cozy place to spend the winter season. It is also once said that there was a wholesome village in this place but was later devastated by Blue Dragons.

Passive Building Location:
Between two bases of two forces
Both Upper and Lower section of the map
Mercenary Camps
Guarded by: 1 O. Lord
1 O. Magi
2 O. Warriors
Middle Upper Section (Shallow Water Level)
Goblin Merchants
Guarded by: 2 M. Tiderunners
1 M. Night Crawlers
2 M. Huntsman
Goldmine as seen in the map
Guarded by: 1 Granite G.
2 Mud G.

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