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Dracrystalian Guardians v0.95b

Map Information
Submitted: sora1301
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Aug-29-11
File Size: 3210kb

Dracrystalian Guardians v0.95b

Map Size - 128 x 192
Number of Players - 1/8
Tileset - Sunken Ruins

It's been a year, after The Darkest Hours of the Guardians event. A destructive of world's elemental instability. Everything seems lost in Sanctenla Capital until a group of elite freelancer warrior grouped up and defense the capital restlessly while searching a trigger of this cataclysm, which seems to be a work of darkness forces. Those freelancers had accomplish, but disappeared as well. And being famed as Sanctenla's Heroes.
Year later, these heroes have been found, however with those darkness side.
Sanctenla, a most popularity forces now gathered both allies and spread some rumors to every corner of world to eliminate those freelancer.
Guides one of these freelancers and their army, creatures and human, against forces of light, Sanctenla. while defends a newly found Crystal inside Dracrystalian Fortress!

- 20 Wave, 4 Elite every 5 Wave which different each game.
- Recipe type upgrade so easy to combine with Recipe Assistance.
- Heroes are unique, ability are different and they can be improves differently.
- Potion System, a belt for more slot for item.
- Money distributing, do not worry for last shot, but last shotting will improve personal money.
- Auto Balance, more player the enemy will be stronger, less player they will be lesser and weaker but more gold.
- Cartiluss (Cannon) improved from DHoG (Darkest Hours of Guardians) no longer to insert ammo.
- Enemy Tactic, enemy will attack the castle a from a lot of direction, defensive need to be flexible.
- Cast Rate is coming back! used to believe the first map (DHoG) that can reduce cooldown. now even better, by reducing cooldown by percentage (same Attack Rate formula), now it also reduce animation speed! (equally to Warcraft 3 Attack Rate system) (picture at * in full details (old))
- Cooldown Indicator System, show by number, gauge. They not only shows cooldown but their also show hotkey of that ability.
- Combo System (aka Hits System) each damage done will increases hits which they will improves hero offensive power when they reach the certain amount.
- Defeats once main base (A Crystal) has been destroyed.
- Newbie friendly, just you know how to play Hero Defense (not AoS) or Castle Defense, you will easily play this map by watching in-game introduce cut-scene. (Even easier if you played DHoG once.)


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