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Battle for Souls 3.1 Eng

Map Information
Submitted: sora1301
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:Sep-07-11
File Size: 6188kb

Battle for Souls 3.1 Eng

Map Size - 96x96
Tileset - Sunken Ruins
Suggested Players - For 1-12 (6v6)

The bloody fight of Darkness and Light does not stop never. She goes always - even in your own souls. Choose, on which side are you?
You are true adept of Light? You know, what is angry also of gloom should be always punished? You know, what higher of all are friendship, trust, love and kindness? You understand, what any meanness early or late will reveal? What secret always becomes obvious and there is nothing the more dearly present friends and liked, against which always it is possible to lean? What the most important treasures - kind heart and pure conscience?
Or you are warrior of Darkness? You agree that Light adepts are stupids and fools? What for trust always pay in a deceit? What the present friends no, and all is done only for the sake of personal benefit? What there is no love, and there are only corporal instincts multiplied by vanity and complacency? What main are personal self-perfection? What strong is always right? What for one million gold coins any in a convenient situation throws the knife in a back to the one whom yesterday named by the friend?
You have made this choice? Now you should battle for YOUR SIDE!
All warriors of the opposite party must DIE! Choose YOUR way to victory.

Other for map:
AoS style-map with many items and heroes. You can launch unlimited computer bots with -b and -c commands in single-player mode.
Each hero has many abilities to learn, one passive Class ability (icon will not show), and also may have an Innate abilities and special features (for example, Eternal Slave can build towers; Villain can not see by eyes of his allies, etc).
But you can win by using not only hero. You can hire creeps in buildings on your base to win; you can collect Titan from jewels; also, you can use Courier of your side to win by collect damaging items...
Whenever a Hero kills a Hero, killer gains Soul Stone and can use it to get gold or more strong items. Also, -nic mode (No Item Conditions) offs conditions for items.
Many heroes are very specific. For Example, Guardian of Tranquility are very difficult to kill, but have no damaging abilities and slow. Smith can create items. Ankaria can transfer mana to Soul Stones, and Soul Stones to her spells. Funny Raccoon... Are very funny raccoon!
Usually your team win, whenever great building of opposite side are destroyed. But you can use several modes to add/remove victory conditions (Look at Map Info. You can test all of them in Single Player/Team mode: activated automatically).
Like DotA? Maybe... But MORE heroes and items, MORE features, MORE difference at icons, modes and spells. And quest elements. Balance? I improve him with each version, also with YOUR help )
Best set of heroes than in any other AoS!

Map contains:
-Wonderful gameplay;
-Quest elements (Thief Hall, Jewels, etc.,)
-You can exchange by using commands and modes practically any aspect of the game;
-Many original ideas, for example: hero Smith (item creator and duplicator), hero Chimaera (creates and transforms creeps on lines) and many others...


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