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Counter Strike Source v1.6 (Original)

Map Information
Submitted: kspecific
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:Sep-28-11
File Size: 5322kb

All 3D features of counter strike from half-life have been featured. In addition, the game has been modified to suit wc3:

-Use the arrow keys (including the backarrow key to step backwards) to move in your 3D environment.

-Customize the weather and sky of your playing arena.

-Use scope to view a 3D fade filter of a scope aimer (not available in the original, check other versions).

-View the game from 5 different angles, including first person, third person, and more...!

-A white fadeout has been added to low health screens, indicating exhaustion (not available in the original, check other versions).

-All offensive spells/ guns create blood if hit accurately.

-Headshots and criticals are implemented. (They are based on left and right aiming).

-In addition, coins / hero inventory have been added as well as a role-playing wc3 element and neutral creeps (can be toggled on or off).

-A scoreboard keeps track of hero kills/ deaths/ coins collected. The first team with 100+ hero kills wins.

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