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Map Information
Submitted: archen
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Oct-20-11
File Size: 594kb

(2-player map)

This is a cat-and-mouse game..

[This description is accessible in-game by pressing F9]

The housekeeper, a professional pest exterminator, is having trouble taking care of a grey vermin --- in his own home!! This grey vermin is extremely cunning and elusive.

One day, he bought the Vulcan, one of the most powerful pest-extermination devices ever made. However, he found one small problem --- THEY'RE SOLAR-POWERED!! Now, he must find a way to get rid of him before he eats all the food in his refrigerator!!

The housekeeper prepares traps during daytime when the vulcans are online and the grey vermin can't get into the house (but this is not actually the case because the vermin can still move through them undetected), then the grey vermin makes his move to try and attack the refrigerator at nighttime (when the Vulcans are offline).

-How to Play-

(1)The Housekeeper:

Your objective is to kill the vermin either by setting up traps to damage him, or to starve him to death by depriving him of food. To do the latter, you must keep him from reaching (1) The refrigerator, located at the upper-left area of your house, and (2) The dumpster, located at the lower-right edge of
You can set up traps in your house which will be set off when the vermin strays too close to it. However, the traps can only be activated once and you will have to either manually reload all traps for a fair price of gold, or wait until the next day for them to automatically do so.
WARNING: Do not put traps too close together or they will not work properly!

You can get funding for your traps by visiting the living room (located on the lower-left area of the house) and attacking the gifts which spawn there.
WARNING: The vermin is bound to be sneaking in that area so that he can buy his own weapons.

(2)Grey Vermin:

Your objective is to eat all the food in the refrigerator by attacking it and reducing its health to zero. Beware of the housekeeper, though, as he will set up traps to try and stop you.

When you attack the refrigerator (located on the upper-left area of the house), you gather food. Remember not to let this supply drop to zero or you will slowly starve to death.

If you're in a tight spot and can't get food from the refrigerator, you can always visit the dumpster (located on the lower-right corner of the house) to scavenge a little amount of food or get a quick heal.
NOTE: The dumpster will not always be safe either, though.

Money: You can get money by visiting the living room (located on the lower-left area of the house) and attacking the gifts which spawn there.

Escape Points: You can go through certain impassable terrain by moving close to yellow exclamation marks on the ground. Use these to make quick escapes.

taunts off: Disables taunts.
taunts on: Enables taunts.

Enjoy :)

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By archen on Oct-21-11

improved version:
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By archen on Oct-20-11

oh noes i just found out the rat was too overpowered D:
i shall balance this in my next version ;)
please look forward to it!! :D

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