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Diablo II Maximum Impact

Map Information
Submitted: Rommel
Map Genre:Role Playing
Last Update:May-25-06
File Size: 2148kb

+New Features :
+3 items - Jade Talon, Eschutar's Tempar, Leviathan
+More Unique monsters and stronger minions +The Smith will appear at random point in the Catacomb +Add some funny effect sound - enjoy it! +Free health restoration at Akara and Vital wells +Email : [email protected]


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By justjeff on Aug-13-07

two small errors:

legendary shield(special typo)

wizard's cloak icon turns into a green square when you pause game/go to a shop

By Rommel on Jun-04-06

thank you, Archer1. And yes, it will be better if you play it again and again ^^

By Archer 1 on Jun-03-06

The cinematic at the beginning is really really awesome, and the game is pretty fun. I only played it one player, and I'm guessing it's better for more than that...

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