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Manga Madness v.0.7B

Map Information
Submitted: xRyStaRx
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Dec-25-11
File Size: 6565kb

Game Modes
-SM (Short Mode)
-USM (Ultra Short Mode)
-DM, -DM5 (Death Match, number indicates Lives)
-ID (Item Drop)
-AR (All Random)

-MS (Movement Speed)
-MA (Matchup)
-Music On / -Music Off (Starts Song for all players)
-Cam High / -Cam reset (Resets camera or sets it higher)
-Unstuck (Unstucks hero from spot where he can't move)
-Smuggler (Points smugglers hideouts)
-Clear (Clears all texts from the screen)
-CS (Displays your creep kills and denies)
-Repick (Repicks hero after randoming one at AR)


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