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Tower Defense Map

Map Information
Submitted: Archer 1
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:Jun-08-06
File Size: 138kb

Stop the evil naga from escaping! Illidan has summoned a portal, and the naga are trying to escape from their islands...if they escape, all will be lost!
Build towers to stop them. There are two types of builders, a Basic Builder and a Spirit Builder. The Basic builder can build three towers, and the Spirit Builder can builld seven. Several towers are upgradeable.
This is not the best map, but I am very proud of it because it's one of MY best maps.
Hope you enjoy it!


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By Archer 1 on Jun-01-06

yeah, I took out all of the imported sounds and its now 140 kb, which is really it downloads really fast. Thanks for helping.

By darth-yoda on May-31-06

Yeah a buch of ways...

If you have imported music that takes a ton of space.
Imported models can take anywhere from 5kb - 2meg+
Imported skins can also range in the amount of space, I'v seen 10kb all the way through 1.5meg
Imported Icons don't realy take much space, about 1kb - 50kb

With a map file size of 4.5 megs I'd guess you have a Imported music or a lot of Imported models. Youll have to cut down on the things I said if you want to get to a reasnable file size of like 2-3 meg, beyond 3meg and people wont want to wait for others to download your map on Hope this helps.

By Archer 1 on May-31-06

Is there any way to cut down on the size?

By -=GhosT=- on May-31-06

max size to host map is 4 megs, your map is 4,5

By Archer 1 on May-30-06

Why can't it be played on

By darth-yoda on May-30-06

4.5 megs...hmmm... Is this a 1 player map cuz it can't be played

By Archer 1 on May-28-06

Tell me if you have any criticisms. I've edited the map since I put it on here, but not that much, just a few touches that I thought would improve it...

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