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Whiteflake Forest

Map Information
Submitted: -OverpoweR-
Map Genre:Campaign
Last Update:Jan-22-12
File Size: 233kb

This is just another melee map where you can battle 2v2 or FFA, its a 4 player map and quite spacy for all 4 of them, i've added some passive buildings that can be captured via Heroes, they grant bonuses to boost your play,

Passive Gold Mines ---

When captured gives additional gold every 10 seconds.There are a total of 3 in the Map.

Passive War Mill ---

When captured gives additional wood every 10 seconds. There is only 1 in the map.

Passive Dragon Roost ---

When captured spawns a Blue Drake for you,Blue Drakes do no have any Food Cost and they are quite powerful creatures.

Passive Mercenary Camps ---

When captured spawn a Centaur Khan or Centaur Impaler for you every 40 seconds, they do not have any Food cost and they are quite powerful.

Passive Murloc Hut ---

When captured spawns a Murloc Mutant every 40 seconds, they are fast creatures with decent damage.

Besides these passive Units that i've added in-game, nothing else is Modified, everything else is 100% Blizzlike made.

I would greatly appreciate any critics/feedback,so please feel free to PM me in-forums, or @ [email protected]

Thanks, hope you enjoy. ;)


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By -OverpoweR- on Jan-22-12

I cant edit this Post. Its not a Campaign Map. Its a Melee map, and i need to upload the Original Version as i've uploaded a backup version thats not updated by mistake!

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