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World At End: Kalimdor

Map Information
Submitted: gatx103
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:Nov-01-12
File Size: 2679kb

You hold the line against a tide of gnashing mandibles and slashing claws so that the Horde could fortify the rest of Kalimdor.

Players should be 4 players, with the enemy team set to preferably human, easy. This does not affect difficulty as the game becomes harder with each passing wave. Each player has access to a Gold Mine, Lumber mills and starting barracks, food buildings, and guard towers at the beginning. Two Lanes are to be defended to the death.

Each enemy kill lands a player a gold and wood bounty, so to keep your army funded, all you need to do is kill kill kill. There is no upkeep in this map and food limit is stretched to 200. There is a tavern of heroes in the bottom right of the map. Purchase at your own risk.

Scattered around your massive base are Centaur huts. Each gives a chance of spawning a centaur for every certain amount of time as reinforcement from the centaur tribes.

Custom AIs are made to have a defense-oriented gameplay so as to help the player last longer.

Naga and Fel Orc races can be used by the player by typing -fel or -naga during the first 8 seconds. You can type -anaga or -afel to turn all your allies into naga or orc. Type -naga# to turn AI number # into naga, e.g., -naga2 to turn ai slot 2 into naga. Same works with fel orcs. Both have custom AI's. If you want to have allies from either of the custom races, you MUST have either Human or Orc races on the slots you want to be custom AI.

The longer the game lasts, the worse the weather becomes - Tyrannoformation is becoming worse and worse, the hive fleets becoming more aggressive as other bases become overrun and more creatures are diverted to destroy you and your allies' base, and the occasional lightning becomes masssive lightning storms as the world is slowly being consumed.

You WILL fall. The question is how long can you hold on?


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