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Counterstrike Tactics V.1.8d

Map Information
Submitted: Oreo_clan
Map Genre:Arena/CTF
Last Update:Jun-02-06
File Size: 2079kb

Press "F" to fire.
Press "R" to reload.

This is a 5 round game. When you do not respawn, don't leave. Wait until the next round. The winners get 3000 gold and the losers get 2000 gold. If the bomb blows up, the Terrorists automatically win.

Read Map Info. for more information.

Armor DOES MATTER! It can save you long enough for the kill.

In the next Version:
*Automatic Mode and Semi-Automatic Mode!!
*Bomb Explosion Effect!!!
*Scope for some guns that should have it.
*More balanced armor.
*Some more nerfs on the Secondary Weapons.
*Fixed Throwing Knife.
*And many more fun new things!!!!


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