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Escape Maker v2.17

Map Information
Submitted: Chocobo
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Apr-02-07
File Size: 83kb
Rating:5.0 / 5

Please report errors or Game Crashes and their causes here. If Warcraft III tells you that the map could not be found, report it. The Jumper isn't currently working properly, do not use them.
Fixed "The map could not be found" bug.

What works? Footmans, Mortars (And its commands), Thorns, Explosives (It can be used to make a big explosive chain), and Crystals.
You have to build your own maze (If you are Player 11, Dark Green) and to play it too. You can write some commands to change Movement Speed of any unit, set Range of a Jumper, and also you can make books and 5 differants tiles (Ice, Dark Ice, Lava, Sand, Black Marble). When the Maker leaves the game, you can write -steal to get all Maker's commands. Have a good luck.
***Beta Version***

Updates in 2.17 Version
- Again tryed to fix the Jumper bug
- Tryed to unallow Thorns, Crystals, and Footmans to kill Barrels.

Updates in 2.16 Version
- Fixed Turn on/off Messages
- Fixed Message Showed when you died, it won't show when you are died
- Added Share Command
- Tauren Chieftain hadn't same movement speed than others, fixed bug
- Added a Cry
- New Heroes!
- Tryed to fix Jumper bug, it should work now.

Updates in 2.15 Version
- Show message that is wrote by players
- Turn on/off show message directly with Floating Texts
- Added Size to increase the brush of tiles made
- Decreased delay of explosions

Updates in 2.14 Version
- Tried to fix the Jumper bug
- Fixed remove bug of units
- Added a skill to remove instantly a unit
- Fixed Chain Explosives bug
- Chain Explosives are now allowed to make a big explosion chain.
- With a small luck, there is a chance to evade Explosives.
- Added Level set system
- Fixed Blink bug

Updates in 2.13 Version
- Added -name function
- Removed Footman Guard
- Removed Footman Guard's functions
- Added Thorns and Crystal units
- Fixed Mortar bug who can't change its attack speed because the Invulnerable
- Fixed Jumper bug
- New Skins added for Tile Makers
- Added Explosive Barrels which explodes when a unit come closer of it


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By quauhtli on Dec-30-06

its very nice, it used to be famous to, but lately the stupid game dota is to famous ... oh i hate dota

By Tinki3 on Dec-21-06

My report Card:

+ Its Fun!
+ Its quite easy to make a fun/good maze
+ Terrains have different effects on your escaper
+ Fun for beginners, or experts!
- Limited amounts of terrain types

Overall grade: A-

By Pyromancer on Aug-09-06

this is really popular on good job

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