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Lost Island

Map Information
Submitted: Ninva
Map Genre:Melee
Last Update:Jul-31-06
File Size: 203kb

Like the oringal map, you must protect your main unit. If killed game over, or you can play a death match where you fight till players lose all their units.

You can also use many other commands, which are in the quests. All islands have its own terrian, and different amounts of resources. Newbies should play Yellow, and Red island.

The heros have a cap level of 60 now. And Super Creeps have a good weapon drop giving 100 points to one of your hero's stats, but be warn. These Super Creeps are not easy to defeat. (They can be disable by host)

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By Ninva on Aug-06-06

What's wrong with it, it worked prefectly for me.
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By rayquaza218 on Aug-04-06

Ok, ive tried it its stupid, the unally system is screwed up.. go check b4 you release your game
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By Ninva on Jul-31-06

Actually this is the wrong icon... =P

I didn't have a JPG on my computer and couldn't make one because my only resource to make a image is paint.

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By Halo_king116 on Jul-29-06

I would never download a map made by a random mapper, with a picture like that :P

But since you are from TheHelper, I will download and play.

But a simple suggestion would be to get a mini-map image, because at first look that is like a... I don't really know ;-)

Just a suggestion =)

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