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Umed Open RPG BETA

Map Information
Submitted: Knights
Map Genre:Role Playing
Last Update:Aug-03-06
File Size: 3386kb

In this role playing game, you are Umed, a young, daring, and curageous, man. You must travel the worlds, talking to people you meet for quests, and gain experience on the way. Get experience from the people for killing difficult monsters. Save up gold to buy good items. Fight hard monsters for good experience. Choose a job at level 7. Seek to the end of the world. You may do all of these things or any of these things, or anything you want at all. This is totally OPEN to do what you like, a true Open RPG. Remember, you are Umed, and you must fufil your destiny, a true, true, destiny, of greatness.

-Interesting terrain
-Neat models
-Fun abilities
-Save/load code
-Cool items


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By South-Titan on May-11-08

Hey dude remember Lunarios? You forgot to give him credit in this game.

By G1thy4nk1 on May-15-07

The only thing you did make that made me play this is the First Person Camera, btw, you just gave me an idea for my RPG!

By Knights on Aug-05-06

V1.078b is the current version updated.

By Knights on Jul-30-06

Thanks for the advice. I will use it very well and carefully. I am reterraining most of the map ANYWAYS, but thanks for that advice. I am pretty sure this version doesn't have too balanced of creeps, though I think it is average. The next version about to be released is going to have a little more balanced creeps, and more abilities. I am not sure if you got your job at level 7, but that is when the game starts to get fun. I can't wait to release v1.08b, which I am working on right now, with the new terrain, but for now, I will edit this submission to be v1.076

By Halo_king116 on Jul-29-06

I will try it out now. You aren't a great mapper, but you defiantly don't suck. I think it will be worth the time to play it =)

At Juliano: Did you face the bosses? If you didn't you have no say =P

Anyways, I will test the map now, and hopefully come back with some good comments =D

By Juliano on Jul-29-06

Well I know it's beta but is strange many thinghs in this map, there are some :
- I was walking trhough a "ashenvale-tile" forest and than after walking into a passage I found myself in a snow wasteland, with polar fulborgs and bears. -.-
- At the start you simple talk to a guy and he says there's a centaur the start?
-No cityes, no shops at the start.
-The Bosses are too hard. I used iseedeadpeople and I saw many WoW demons they deal something like 25000 damage and their life doesn't show (too many numbers).Are u crazy?
-The terrain isn't bad, but you could improve it at the volcanos area.
-How you want a level 25 + area at the start???
-There are only one place that is like a city, but it's only full of Pocket Factoryes and Gorilas.LOL?
-Did you gave credit to people who you imported the WoW models?
-The bosses aren't balanced, and what a villager is doing at the middle of the frozen land? He's only here to give a quest?

Sorry but I didn't like this map, units aren't balanced,quests are annoying, enviroment isn't much good and is all based on nonsense.

BUT if is your first map...not bad at all...

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