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Age of Myths 4.58

Map Information
Submitted: vile
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:Sep-01-06
File Size: 2649kb

A completely reworked version of the old AoM3 series:
- New improved heroes
- New level 20 ultimates (besides the level 6)
- Remade heroes from the old version
- A new menu instead of the old -commands, just press ESCAPE for an enhanced
menu with many options.
- A new and improved terrain.
- Even more unique and advanced spells.
- Soul glyph items that can be bought from the spirit master.
- 2 Extra secret shops
- Item balancing
- New art: I made my owns skins to fit the new gamestyle and heroes.
Also there are remade and modified skins, credits have been fully given.
- To remove the old "TOB debate", none of their effects or ideas exists on the map.

General Information:
- 6v6 Playing capability
- New wonderful terrain
- Each hero has at least 4 JASS enhanced abilities that were worked hard on.
- Pure written jass, the map hasn't got a single memory leak.
- A REMATCH option. Players may vote by pressing ESC and restart the game without having to remake it.
- A REBALANCE option. Any player may press ESCAPE. This command will rebalance the teams,
5v3 will become 4v4, and so on. Leavers will no longer affect your game play.
- Full bounty share, and full assistances show when killing heroes.
- Fancy hero selection system, allows you to view every single little detail on the hero before selecting it.
- Fancy revival system, when dying, you will revive WoW style, you will have to move your ghost into the grave yard.
- Item and hero classes for a perfect balance.
- Advanced item combination system.

For updates, bug reports, or hero idea submissions:

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