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The Arcane Emporium ORPG 3.50b

Map Information
Submitted: exge
Map Genre:Role Playing
Last Update:Aug-20-06
File Size: 502kb

Play as one of 7 classes in this epic advernture and see if you can keep your team alive,
ability to play OFFLINE, also cheat death included.
-New in this version

>Hero selection system, no longer tavern/arena
>Added some real quests
>added more and better items
>Added map protection

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By Juliano on Aug-20-06

Did you test it?

GRRRR... in the start I can't choose a hero, I choose one by pressing "Choose this Hero" but it not chooses, it just becomes "unselected" and change to Neutral Passive...


Fix it quickly, or tell me why you made it


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