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Chess V1

Map Information
Submitted: Chewbalka
Map Genre:Role Playing
Last Update:Aug-31-06
File Size: 53kb

Instead of playing like the nerds.
Go crazy with a all out War on the chess board.
Every 30 kills get a level on your controlled units.
8 players 2 computers.
protect your king, 1st player on each team protects there king and fights with the queen.
Based on a weird chess game called cheese chess.....
Protected with Vex's map optimizer
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By SNOOPDOGGDIZ on Nov-14-06

meh not really all that fun.. but maybe it will suit you

By Chewbalka on Aug-30-06

Its litteraly not much to do with chess, its soom much better.
yourn on a chess feild with chess peices in a way and you just run away killing each other on the board with massive amounts of units. you can also play in single player as a test. REAL fun to me =)

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