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Go FiSH! 2 - Deep Sea (v1.2)

Map Information
Submitted: Luth
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Nov-01-09
File Size: 770kb

Official Website:

Updated - v1.24 Compatible

After the success of the original Go FiSH!, and the amount of fan mail it produced for me, I had no choice but to make a sequel to the addictively popular fishing sim. I've received email and IMs from around the world, including Brazil, Korea, and Australia, all requesting more Go FiSH! So here it is: Go FiSH! 2 - Deep Sea!

Based off the familiar fishing grounds of the original Go FiSH!, the map has been expanded to include new mainland, including a new lake, fishing villiage, and cove. However, true to its name, its the ocean that see's the biggest addition. New deeper waters have been added, where even bigger fish live. In addition to the expanded terrain, three new boats, the Stealth Boat, the Sky Barge, and the Yacht, have been added for purchase, as well as several boat upgrades, including the spectacular FiSH Finder! Keep your eyes open for FiSH Food, a special, all natural treat that grows on the mainland. Many other additions have been made, including a variable-length tournament selection (one, three, or five days), as well as a Free Fishing mode for single players that has no time limit. Plus, more easter eggs than you can count without taking your shoes off. Its all the fun of the original Go FiSH!, and a whole lot more!

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By XKillerBoy on Oct-23-09

Not working...
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By l)oom on Nov-19-07

Damn :D you invented this before me >.<
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By RedSword on Aug-18-07

I played your map online with only one day, I was surprise how fun it could be to fish :P, putting calm seawave and removing the heavy music sound (well I found ur map with very loud sounds/musics, and not in others maps) could help improving your map ambiance a lot and gives a better "Fish" feeling to the map.

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