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Le RPG BETA 0.96b

Map Information
Submitted: RunningAway
Map Genre:Role Playing
Last Update:Oct-11-06
File Size: 1605kb

To answer your question no it's not in french.

Le RPG BETA 0.96b
An open RPG i've been working on for sometime. There are frequent updates and i'm constantly adding new areas for stronger players. All the features are below...

-23 Playable Classes
-All Custom Abilites some GUI/JASS Based
-Loads of bosses
-Large equipment database
-Level cap is 255...
-Huge map to explore
-Multiboard displays: Player Names, Kills, Deaths and Current Gold.
-Respawn zone allows you to go to 8 different points of importance on the map.
-Lots of quests
-Some secrets for any players
-A few secret and hidden items
-Certain Item combinations combine to forge stronger items.
-Some bosses drop their heart, scales etc... which in some cases can be combined with others to create powerfull items.
-Command List
+ -ms or -movespeed
+ -ma or -matchup
+ -unally [color] or -ally [color]
+ -kick [player number]
+ -repick
+ -save
+ -load [code]

Note: You can play the map in singleplayer but saving is disabled.

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RunningAway on thehelper forums, Beat-On-Acount@Azeroth and on the MvG forum.


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By Juliano on Jan-30-07

cool, but balance more the creeps, with my lvl 1 hero i killed 2 wolves and had to return to the fountain to heal myself...

By jonadrian619 on Oct-26-06

The map is cool and i played it.It could be better if it can be saved and then loaded again . Still 5/5.

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