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Mystica ORPG

Map Information
Submitted: Knights
Map Genre:Role Playing
Last Update:Oct-26-06
File Size: 1895kb

Mystica ORPG

There once was a land,
Laid down into sections.
There would be a war at hand,
The battles being reflections.
Of what was going to occur,
To man and it's kind,
It would be in a blur,
But it would ruin us from behind.
It was ourselves; tribe against tribe,
Tribes would define us;
Tribes would destroy us.
The war would have to end,
But can you put an end to it?

The way this game works, is it is devided into sections, each being an island. There are 4 tribes, and you can pick between them, each having their own element.

Qum'Tos - Nature
Plem'az - Fire
Tel'ar - Ice
Umed - Earth

The way it works, is each tribe has different classes based on the element.



Ice Magician


The terrain will be islands only, and you have to travel to new islands. This will make the exploring aspect of this ORPG quite interesting.

Exp is (Level of Monster x 30) - (Level of Hero)

When you pick your class, depending on what tribe it is in, you will be moved to that tribes starting island. Each tribe will be enemies with each other, making a great PvP system.

Yes, there is a save/load system in this map...I was lazy so imported Effanes sample one, yes he gets credit, it works exellent.


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