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Micro AoS v4.2

Map Information
Submitted: AceHart
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:Jul-28-05
File Size: 160kb

Just imagine:
- Epic maps.
- Scenery.
- Long walks.
- Vaste open spaces.

If you're seeing any of those, than this map is not for you.

Cramped quarters.
Tight spaces.
You're run over from all sides.
No way to run, no way to hide.

It's die or be killed.
No prisoners.

Get that Hero from the Tavern,
kill anything that looks like a Town Hall that isn't yours.

Estimated average game time: 25 minutes or less.

Map and Terrain:

Sunken Ruins, 32x32.
1 - 4 Players, free for all.


Buy your initial Hero here.
I did put the neutral Heroes in.
After all, a Firelord is infinitely cooler than a Keep off the Grass.

You'll get your first (last? final?) Hero from there at map start.

You can buy additional Heroes later on, given sufficient funds.
Tavern Heroes are unique.

Can't handle five Heroes at once?
No problem really.
Noone can.
The game will be over long before anyone gets the required funds.


Main structure, never goes down alone. If it does, so do you.

Obvious objectives:
- keep yours alive
- destroy all the other's

Can be upgraded to something stronger.

Has Healing Aura.
Revives Heroes.
If ugraded, additional unit-types will spawn in your town.


Your first, and, sometimes, last defense.
It's invulnerable to begin with.
To turn it vulnerable, step on the Circle of Power nearby.
That will also change owner! (Always to the very last player that stepped there).
Circles of Power only work on Heroes.


Trains units.
Heroic Units too.
Pet Heroes have one normal ability (three levels), one "ultimate" (one level) and a three level attribute bonus.


Nothing on the entire map requires any food.
Your only limit is Gold.
Your only way to get Gold is to kill. Quite simple, really.

Computer players:

You're busy enough controlling, or trying to, your Hero,
so the comp does the actual work
Yours is easily recognized. It's the only one that doesn't want to kill you.
That, and it has your name.

You don't exactly see where or why that @!#?@! comp is running around like it does?
1. it's the same for every other player
2. they take subtle hints. As in, if you're under attack "nearby", they'll come to help. Eventually.
3. the map's 32x32... everything is nearby.


Balance? What balance?
Lost versus Orc? Night Elves too strong? Use those next time.
That's why you can choose a race...

There could be some more units. Well, additional types.
But, then again, games don't simply last long enough to fully appreciate
some vide variety of species.


Yes, there are items.
Take them, keep them.
Don't be surprised when weird things start to happen to them.

Your totally favorite item just now disappeared when you picked up a new one?
That just might happen.
There's also a better one in your inventory now.
Or, maybe not.
In a ten minutes game, there's no time anyway to fiddle around a lot with items.

The details? Simple.
Whenever you have at least three items, two of which are of the same level,
they'll transform into a better item.
The level is shown in the item's name.

You can also sell items to the Traveling Salesman.
Or buy them back if you so wish...

Supported typed commands

-ar or -allrandom (first 10 seconds, host only)



If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By blooman on May-06-09

Sad you left the helper man but good map its a normal game with a twist

By Funky_Luffe on May-05-09

Firts I would like to say: Great little game! :)

But I have noticed a little bug, when the Alchemist and the Tinker dies, they both cost wood to revive, so that makes it impossible and the hero is lost. Having to start a new hero in the middle of the game is a sure way to lose.

Other than that, fun game !

By Siefer on Feb-01-09

My friend had a tinker that died. He couldn't revive it cause it needed gold AND wood.

By SerraAvenger on Aug-04-07

I luv fast games ( cuz of that I made a battleships speedmod, didn't I ? )

By Halo_king116 on Apr-21-07

I used to play this all the time. I know I'm a bit late for comment though anyone who hasn't tried this map, I would suggest it :) It's extremely fun, if you like quick-paced games.

Good job. Do you ever make a bad map for once? :P

By AceHart on Apr-06-07

Is explained up here.

1, 3-6:
Seems like you completely missed the point of this map...

And, no, I'm not very interested in trying to make a DotA map.
There already is one.
It's called "DotA".

By ayumilove on Feb-02-07

This map is filled with action pack, but the thing is its too messy.

first, the creeps spawn randomly attacks a nearby enemy town, which makes it harder to finish an enemy quickly

second, you should tell the user about the tower convertor, create a multiboard to show the time is passing by that it is converting to your own tower.

third, remove the random drop items, make it purchaseable in towns.

fourth, remove the recall thing, its no point having it in there. you want to keep the monster keep on fighting

fifth, allow only 1 person to handle 1 hero, because its way too difficult to micro for starters.

sixth, remove the recruitting monster, way to hard to control and they are easily expandable.

in conclusion, just create a simple dota type of aos so people will find it easier to play your map. they will need to focus on upgrading their heroes. and please create custom abilities, is no fun to play with the old abilities.

make the map bigger abit such as 64x64? its way too crowded.
if the map is 64x64, make it bigger abit. so you have some space for the creeps to move. create path way for the monster to walk.

By Im_On_56k on Aug-03-05

Its extremely fun, if your looking for a short game and greatly balanced.

By Jindo on Jul-18-05

I like this alot.

It is unique :D


By Shadowy Fear on Jul-18-05

Chaos reins supreme >D :-). Good job, acehart! This is a very fast-pased and chaotic game :>)

By SD_Ryoko on Jul-16-05

Ace, congrats on releasing your map.

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