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DBZ HIstory Of Saiyan Race 0.9964

Map Information
Submitted: Doctor-Peppe
Map Genre:Role Playing
Last Update:Aug-11-07
File Size: 2237kb

For people who are not known to DBZ Anime:
This is a perfecty balanced map with very fast action where only your skill can beat your enemy. It is necessary to use hotkeys (which were chosen carefully for easy access). You have to be busy every second of the fight.
People who love Rampage, Ultimate and Supreme will be disappointed. They all want 999999 damage char with lvl 99999 so they can win easy. Ridiculous.
May i present balanced map that was played and tested. Tested and balanced and fixed and played and tested again and again.
History of Saiyan Race
This is the 4th chapter of my Saiyan Race series. This map features fresh DBZ abilities, custom models, new storyline and a lot of fun :)
Eventhought this map was build for multiplayer, you can still beat it alone. Wont be as fun thought.


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By Juliano on Jan-29-07


Unlike other dbz maps

By Doctor-Peppe on Jan-22-07

Feel free to give comment of any kind. I will listen and adjust the map, if possible

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