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DBZ History Of Saiyan Race 0.9976

Map Information
Submitted: Doctor-Peppe
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:May-20-07
File Size: 2235kb

During the age of 2142, when the sagas had finally ended, when the DragonBalls were no longer sought out, and when Goku and the Saiyans, even many villains finally died off of old age, deciding not to continue struggles with DragonBalls, the events that shaped Earth's entertainment had declined. No longer were Tournaments entertaining. No longer was anything more than "Average".
However, An entrepeneur who used the same technology as Vegeta's original Capsule had discovered a way to holographically project -and- control projections of past records. However, this entrepeneur, known only as Doctor-Pepper, was only able to find past records of Goku, Goten, Gohan, and Vegeta. In addition, for his plan of entertaining combat and "Mock Sagas of the Past" to work, he needed opponents. He needed villains. Due to their villainy, they had erased most documents and records that properly worked. Save for Buu, Cell, and a rather less popular Pui Pui.
During the first attempt of this entertainment project for Earth, the Villains annihialated the Saiyans with overwhelming power. Doctor-Pepper needed another Saiyan. Yet, who? So he created a miniature version of Vegeta, dubbed Vegeorette, never known in the history of these known "Dragonball Sagas".
And so began "The History of the Saiyan Race", an entertaining Mock Battle controlled by fun-seeking ongoers.

Information About the Map Directly:
The top team are the Saiyans, however their abilities can be chosen upon preference on combat style.
The bottom team are the villains, in the order of top to bottom, Buu, Cell, Pui Pui. They have preset abilities, but have still been meticulously balanced.
This map strives to feature balance in features of the opposing teams, as to where the only difference is "Skill", "Talent", and "Time spent playing".

Save/Load Code is featured in this map. It is AUTOMATICALLY distributed to the winning team, or -possibly- both if a draw
occurs. When the game ends, the code will appear, so do not press Enter, and be ready to copy the code. This code can be used with -any- character you choose. Such as, earn it with Goku, use it with Buu.

A new healing system has been introduced. No longer utilizing fountains due to people running back and forth, actual Capsules will be involved in healing. The attempt is to use it like a bunker, set it down, get inside, and heal. However, if the bunker is attacked, healing fails.

Commands and unique features of miscenallious value range from Flight, right-clicking instant transmission, and many DBZ favorite combat abilities. Miniquests have also been added, and now with slightly more variety to them.

Make note that this map in no way intends to follow the Anime/Manga sagas, or storyline. It is meant to be a MAP to play for fun, more-so than a tribute to DBZ.

Sagas will include Defend/Destroy objectives, Defeat, and a final Tournament to judge the winning team.

There are -many- more secrets and bonuses to this map, and more will arrive in later versions. Yet, the beta-testers and Map-producer do not wish to reveal so easily the way they can be defeated. Good luck, Have fun!))

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