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BattleGround Generals v1

Map Information
Submitted: 13lade619
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:Mar-24-07
File Size: 848kb


> This map is designed to be a 1 vs 1 duel map. It is inspired by the awesome Extreme AoS.

V1.o Features:

> 3 game commands:
“-hex” – Hyper XP mode – kills give 500% XP
“-gm” – God Mode – instantly sets hero levels to 25
“-ap” All Pick – allows you to choose from all heroes
*check the Quests for more info…

> Kill Sounds

> When the enemy player is set to Computer, it randomly chooses from 3 preset heroes available on each side.

> Computer players employ a Spawn and Upgrade Counter-attack System. If you train or research, the computer player will also train or research.

> For now, there are only a total of 12 heroes. 6 on each side.

> A boss system. When you kill enemy towers, a boss will appear.

> I think there’s more but I can’t remember all of them…

Coming Soon…

> Better items

> New heroes

> New spawns and upgrades

> Hostile creep revival system



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By 13lade619 on Mar-24-07

Bug Report:

Fatal Bash for the Lord Knight does not work properly, special effects and cast range are deffective. This will be fixed on the next version...

have fun with my map :>

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