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Hatchery Havoc

Map Information
Submitted: AceHart
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Mar-25-07
File Size: 110kb

A 4 players, free for all, quick, 32x32, Barrens map.

Estimated average game time with 4 players: under 10 minutes.

Use your eggs to hatch fighting units.
Protect your Town Hall.
Destroy all other Town Halls.

Last player standing wins.

There's a couple upgrades available.
Most notably your Town Hall, which, once upgraded, allows for additional unit types to be hatched.
Use them wisely, there's no time for much "Let's see, what do I research now?"...

As usual, you may add a computer player.
They do make for a decent opponent.
Actually, on your first couple plays, chances are they'll completely own you.


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By Quauhtli on Jan-14-08

Hehe nice text, could be quoted once :P

By AceHart on Apr-12-07

Why would you want to have to wait, or slowly build up, for 2 hours or so before it gets any interesting?

Action! Now!

Forget the story. If it moves, shoot. If it doesn't move, shoot it anyway, to be sure.

By oninuva on Apr-12-07

I guess not. And I think he meant it took 10 minutes to play a FH match.

By The Helper on Apr-09-07

Thats all the time he has to play between helping people :)

By Tinki3 on Apr-07-07

Do you ever make a map that takes longer than 10 minutes?

Lol, good work anyway.

By Sevion on Apr-03-07


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