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Snow and hazards

Map Information
Submitted: Vexorian
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Apr-22-07
File Size: 563kb
Rating:5.0 / 5

Dodge stuff or die. You should also considering making your enemies die by for example pushing them towards water or throwing them your snowballs / banana bombs...

The player with the least deaths after the 10 full of action levels wins.


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By Dr.Jack on Nov-01-08

This is a great game. Even as a single player the game proved to be challenging. As 2 players game it was even better, though there was not much interaction between the two players. Perhaps with more players there is more interaction. Another ability or two would really add to the game. The graphics are awesome, although the terrain is a bit weak.

Overall, great job. :)

By dark_raptor on Aug-29-07

Sounds intresting...

By RedSword on Aug-17-07

Just replayed it a lot a complet of time and found few bug

1- U can be stuck on the side of a map (on the black region limit)
2- On loading screen it is write 0.5.0, but it's 0.6.0 (not really a bug)
3- if u are invincible and u go under a non-moving star/shuriken and then ur invincibility disapear u'll live until u are tossed
4- U cannot swap teamate (at chatroom u can be in team, which doesn't change anything unless swap possibility; aint realy a bug again, just remove team would be useful I guess, or an option to swap allies)

Your map is really crazy but fun the firsts time.

By RedSword on Aug-17-07

WOW !!!! Really amazing what u can do with JASS, I personally think u have the most jassed map ever.

By Tinki3 on Apr-24-07

Looks like a fun game :)

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