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Drakonia ORPG 0.55Beta

Map Information
Submitted: Juliano
Map Genre:Role Playing
Last Update:Jun-27-07
File Size: 2971kb

Drakonia is a open rpg, this is a beta version, what means that this map is almost completed, but there are some stuff to fix and add.

A overall description:

-A rpg that can be played in single player or up to 4 players
-Choose from 5 avaliable heros, each of them with at least 3 triggered spells
-Each hero have 1 initial skill,4 normal learnable skills ad a ultimate skill
-A well balanced orpg, without being so hard or so easy
-Each hero has it own theme, and they can reach a maximum level of 50
-A medium rate experience gain, not too fast but not too slow
-Lots of custom itens to make your hero very powerful
-Balanced heros, what means that you won't get a imba hero with a imba attack speed at level 20+
-A huge map with size 256x256 (epic) and tileset Icecrown Glacier
-Many dungeons and caves that are heavily guarded by monsters
-Fight many kinds of enemyes, from simple wolves to enormous giants
-A 5%-50% chance of getting many types of itens through enemyes
-A stacking system that... stacks itens
-A quickly respawn system that don't leaks

This version is protected, by the way if you want the unprotected map, send me a e-mail or a pm...

I need beta testers.It's this map first release,in the future version shall be added:
-A interesting storyline
-Item combinations
-More balance
-More heros
-The final boss
-Lots of quests( more than 20)
-A new area
-New monsters
-Lots of new itens
-A secret quest that may involve 4 players

Please check quest menu in game, and comment about the map, I really need feedback.

0.55 Changelog----------
-Only a very needed bug fix on some bosses that spawned more than 1 time at the same second.The creeps that were bugged:
Tuvak Dullas
Lord Drakel
Troll Spiritualist
-Removed Charm ability from some units to prevent mercenary spawning.


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By RunningAway on Sep-06-07

I thought it was alright, the people I was playing it with really enjoyed it. The thing that really bothered me was not having shared vision.

By Jarreph on Jul-07-07

Try to made the time usage of this game shorter. Or u also can made the save code.

By Synthetics on Jul-02-07

This is a really cool rpg the only thing i think is needed is a save/load code and to have share vision, its very hard to heal your allies when you cant see them (mainly due to the tree line) but other than that it rocks!

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