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Southfury Banks - Team PvP (Cinematic Version)

Map Information
Submitted: Tzirrit
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:May-18-08
File Size: 419kb
Rating:5.0 / 5

This version has a cinematic introduction. If you don't like cinematic introductions, there is a version without the cinematic.

The core feature of 'Southfury Banks' are the player-controlled units. These can be upgraded to mighty warriors, stealthy rogues or bright druids, greatly supporting each other.

Together, they fight against the opponent players, seek control of flag points or summon a mighty creature to help them vanquish the enemy general and his officers. At dawn, they try to recover - until the drums of war thunder once again for the battle of 'Southfury Banks'.

- Fight against enemy players in team-based PvP skirmishes.
- Obtain Tomes to upgrade your unit up to one of six unique classes.
- Tomes are dropped by killed players or can be bought at Horde Sages / Alliance Librarians.
- Capture neutral or enemy flags to get additional spawn points and income.
- Kill the enemy faction's officers to destroy your enemy's towers and to kill their general more easily.
- Hand in Flasks of Mojo (Horde) / Arcane Crystals (Alliance) at your main base to summon a mighty NPC.
- Make life harder for enemies by upgrading your faction guards or reviving Sages (Horde) / Librarians (Alliance).

== Version 1.1 Changes ==
* Added cinematic introduction.
* All possible upgrades for a unit and the required tomes are now visible at all times. Upgrades, whose requirements are not met are grayed out.
* Added game preparation phase: 30 second countdown during which players can look around the entire map freely. After 30 seconds, player units are spawned, the camera is locked to each player’s unit, and the game begins.
* Added a respawn timer to the GUI, indicating the time until a player unit respawns after being killed.
* Added a kill / death ratio to the GUI, indicating how many opponents a player killed and how many times he has died.
* Added a player statistics overview, showing a player’s faction, name, kills, and deaths at the end of each game.
* Increased respawn time for player units to 10 seconds.
* Reduced time to capture a flag from 2 minutes to 1 minute.
* Book vendors no longer have health and mana regeneration auras. Instead, they now sell one-time health and mana regeneration for 250 gold.
* Fixed a bug that prevented the Alliance Arcanist and Horde Witch Doctor from being interrupted while summoning.
* Fixed a bug that occurred when more than one players were assaulting the same flag.


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By Tjuhl on Oct-27-09

Requires Warcraft III TFT v1.23 to play. We will adjust the map to the 1.24 WorldEditor changes as soon as we find the time to update it and will immediately let you know. Sorry for this inconvenience.

By Tzirrit on Jun-23-07

The FAQ was to long for he comments - sorry about that. You can read it in full length under:

thanx to tjuhl for writing it ;)

By Tzirrit on Jun-23-07



a Warcraft III team-PvP map



(made by Tjuhl)


* What is 'Southfury Banks'? *

Southfury Banks is a team-oriented player vs. player (PvP) map. It's main goal is to provide Warcraft-III-players with the fun aspects of the Alterac Valley and Arathi Basin from World of Warcraft - for free!


* Where does the battle of Southfury Banks take place? *
* Who is involved? *

The battle of Southfury Banks takes place between the two riversides of the Southfury river. In the northern vast and rough plains of Kalimdor, Warchief Grog'zok Stormfist reigns at the hilltop to monitor the ongoing construction and lumberjacking activities of his Horde. South of the river, the castle of the human General Leevardus lies within the Elven forest. From there, he commands the fortification of the riverside to protect the region against the invasion of the growing Orc force.


* What is the main goal of 'Southfury Banks'? *
* What about sub-goals? *

The main goal of Southfury Banks (SfB) is to kill the general of the opposing fraction. This goal may be reached by several means.

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