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Age of Myths SE Final

Map Information
Submitted: vile
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:Nov-17-07
File Size: 3712kb

Why should you play this map?
Read this through and I guarantee you would not find anything like this all wrapped up together in 1 AoS map;

- Over 300 items to choose from, including sideshops and items to gain from hero kills.
- Game ending statistics, allowing you to see every kill/assist/death etc you made, as well
as getting your own RANK based on how you played.
- A REMATCH option; there is no need to restart the game all over again. If you have
enough players, you can just vote for a rematch through the menu or just finish the game
and the game will switch your sides (you will be dark if you were light and vice versa) within
a short duration of only 15 seconds. Not a balanced team for a rematch? Check the next feature.
- A REBALANCE option; players left? Got a 4v2? 5v3? A small command through -menu will allow
you to rebalance the teams, and a random player(s) will move to the other team, so that
3v5 will become 4v4, 5v2 will become 4v3, etc. No need to restart the game just because
of 1 or 2 leavers!
- Shuffle Teams option; Got some newbie players on your team, and the other team is stacked with professionals?
No problem! The new and improved Shuffle Teams command through -menu will
allow you to shuffle players among teams randomly, so that the game can even out!
- 6v6 Compatibility
- Custom Hero Experience system, allowing you to stay away from battle to get your items
without having alot of difference in the experience that your enemy gained.
It also allows 2 heroes at the same area to gain the same amount of experience
(more then 2 will result a split of XP among the rest of the allied heroes)
- Custom creep bounty system, allows you to have creep gold as long as you keep hitting them. This eliminates the last hit reward problem on most aos maps out there.
- Assistance System, allows you to still recieve a part of the gold from a hero kill if you assisted
the kill in any way.
- A comfortable command menu instead of the usual -commands, just type -menu for an enhanced
menu with many options.
- A wonderful looking terrain with 4 lanes to ambush your enemies with alot of free space to hide around.
- Advanced never seen before spells that will leave you with an open mouth; every spell has been designed carefully with the community members, and has been well scripted in jass, memory leak free. It is recommended that you will have an upgraded graphics card due to the intensity of the effects. Also bear in mind that the abilities are very complicated, you should read guides and
spell descriptions before using your spells so you can know what they do and how to use them
wisely. They aren't just click and go.
- Custom hero skins which were made specifically to the map, each hero with its own theme,
some skins were edited to fit the map (Credits are given through F9 and in opening screen)
- Custom models for spell effects made by me for the map
- Capture the flag system, allowing you to push lanes if you got your flag.
- Mercenary system; the mercenaries can aid you, if you show them the enemy's
flag, and you can also buy special unit deliveries from them, to blow up bridges,
and thus, alot of tactics are involved. for updates.

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