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Nightsong Operatives 1.02

Map Information
Submitted: brized
Map Genre:Role Playing
Last Update:Feb-18-08
File Size: 3880kb

Go to for the full game manual and changelog.


Up to 3 role playing choices made by the players that affect later events in the game

Objective-based rewards

Extensive item customization

7 unique, customizable classes

Extensive randomization, including 6 random missions, enhancing replay factor

6 endings

3 main game modes and 1 game-modifier

Game difficulty depends on number of players in the game, so both small and large groups can complete the game, and leavers do not prevent everyone else from continuing

Adjustable difficulty at any time, so players of all skill levels can enjoy the game

Players are easily revived by teammates, so that while the game is very challenging, it is also forgiving

A unified control system, so you do not have to learn new hotkeys for every unit you select or Hero you try out

Tons of optional quests, easter eggs, and other secrets!

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