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once in- City Of Drugs [v.0.25]

Map Information
Submitted: Doctor-Peppe
Map Genre:Role Playing
Last Update:Sep-29-07
File Size: 1456kb

--Created for the Contest at Hiveworkshop---

Represented by Clan CBS

----version 0.12 features NEW HERO ABILITIES---
----version 0.13 has many small bugs fixed---
----version 0.15 has team success sharing, defeating mafia/police base , Police/mafia rampage base storming---
----version 0.17 more balance and bug fixes---
----version 0.19 Added Tanks, Helicopter C4, anti air tower, new police unit and balanced forces---
----version 0.25 Balance and bug fixes---

The map is base on cooperative gameplay where you will have Commanders and Servants. Police players can apply for the commander and be elected by their friends/partners (also works in single player), and Drug Dealers can hire mafia to do their dirty jobs. Every trigger in the map is very well made, tested, improved and is leakless.
Before you jump to early conclusions, THIS IS NOT LOAP, however it uses the same concept.

City Of Drugs is basicly a 'Live A Life' map where you can be a citizen, join mafia gang, police force or become a drugdealer. You can buy houses, marry, become a mayor, farmer, cook, buy cars, units, go to prison, report crimes, upgrade etc.
However, next to the main idear it has nothing to do with loap.
The main differences are:
There is a goal, each job has promotion levels, players are balanced, every player can be anything he wants (police, drug, mafia, cook, mailman, farmer), terrain, minimum on memory leaks, nice custom models, intensive gameplay and other

Every player will start the game as a citizen and will be forced to join Mafia, Drug or Police force. Ones joinded u can still do side jobs as cook, farmer, delivery boy etc
There are also a lot of map activities during the game: Animals excaping from the zoo, holigans going trashing the streets, mafia gangs fighting for territory etc. You can also buy guns and weapons or even buy an Armor/Mech that can we worn by the hero


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By The Helper on Sep-23-07

Ok try it without the image. If you can do it without an error message then just wait for me or someone else to see it in the update queue and we will approve it. Remember that these updates are not automatic, everything has to be approved.

By Doctor-Peppe on Sep-22-07

When i try to reupload new version it always say: Edit Fail, we only allow jpg images
but my image IS JPEG, and is HAS BEEN already uploaded to this site before, and worked fine

By The Helper on Sep-20-07

Downloads should be fixed now but it looks like your image link is broken. You might have to reupload that when you update your map.

By Vick Hardy on Sep-16-07

I can't download it!

By Doctor-Peppe on Sep-15-07

For those you who dont want to read the text, here:

It uses idears from "Life Of A Peasant" (live a life)
However, that map was poor made by average mapmakers

This map is an example to how such maps should be made :)

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