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War of Philippine Heroes v2.2c

Map Information
Submitted: waaaks!
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:Sep-23-07
File Size: 1520kb

War of Philippine heroes (WoPh) is a custom map based on the popular DotA (Defense of the Ancient) map. Created for the game Warcraft III, WoPh can be played as a multiplayer game, either on GG-Client, private servers or local area networks.

War of Philippine heroes is a team game with two opposing sides. Unlike regular Warcraft III games, in which many units are controlled by the player, in WoPh each player must choose or randomly select a single hero - with its own skills, strengths, and weaknesses - and control only this hero in order to achieve victory. The objective here is to destroy the opposing team's main structure. To reach it, each hero must defeat waves of units, structures and enemy heroes. Along the way, the player may upgrade his or her hero by defeating enemies in combat, which supplies gold and experience points. These are both necessary in order to purchase upgrades either from shops or the hero's ability list.

Each hero can learn three "standard" abilities, and a special "ultimate" ability in all versions. The heroes are split into three classes, each emphasizing one of the three parameters: strength, agility, and intelligence.

The main map developer of WoPh is lime and the most recent version so far is 2.0. A new WoPh map is expected and hopefully to be released on the first week of June. To all fellow Filipino gamers, please support this map.

Links: - Official WoPh Message Boards


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