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Capture the Flag

Map Information
Submitted: husky_003
Map Genre:Arena/CTF
Last Update:Jul-18-05
File Size: 48kb


Scout - Fast Unit, but weak. Good for Capturing the enemy's flag.

Marine - An Average All-rounder unit, with average range and damage.

Demolitions - Very Strong, but has horrible range.

Sniper - Weak-Average damage, with good range.

Each class has 3 or 4 abilities, which you must use wisely.
This is also 2 hit kill (sometimes 1 with the demolitions unit, or when you are using the ability: Power Shot).

Classes are picked at the start, as well as the flag capture limit vote.

You can view and report all bugs here:

Have fun,


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By husky_003 on Jul-18-05

Just a little note: You could also post bug reports here.

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