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Divide and conquer for 4

Map Information
Submitted: afisakov
Map Genre:Melee
Last Update:Oct-12-07
File Size: 1007kb

The base map is Divide and Conquer with some modified creeps, I added poison dart frogs and the frog boss Gamabunta (from Naruto). Set up for up to 4 human players one in each corner, player one bottom right and player 3 top left. Players 2 and 4 have different custom AI and utilize custom units. The AI heroes have superior stat gains to compensate for some flaws I could not fix (do not expand properly). The rest of the player slots are just for regular AI that can be killed for experience. Custom heroes sold in taverns in middle right and middle left of map. Custom unit techtree built by specialized builder and specialized builder 2. Special items sold in middle of map, were Gamabunta is. Hero maximum level is 100 but in my experience the game ends when the hero's level is between 30-60. Most heroes are based on either anime characters or characters/job classes from Fire emblem.

I am still working on the map and will update it once I make substantial changes. I appreciate tips for balancing the units and heroes or for new heroes or units. Also if you know where I can find some model files for my heroes I would be very grateful for the tip.


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