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'Plains of the World' Collection

Map Information
Submitted: Killfest2
Map Genre:Melee
Last Update:Jul-17-05
File Size: 450kb

Map #1 – Amazon Plain
This land was once the lands for the greatest warriors to test their strength on until the river flooded its banks. Several new species of tropical creatures have come to call this place home and guard it with their life.
Tileset: Lordaeron Summer

Map #2 – Arabian Plain
Near the battlefield there is a deserted plain, filled with large resources. They all focus their attention to this rather little plain due to its copious stockpiles, but only one can be the truthful owner of this area and its secrets.
Tileset: Lordaeron Fall

Map #3 – Malayan Plain
In the deepest jungles of the world, two enemy forces have collided and both want the area to claim as their own. Beware the creeps as they might just get you instead...
Tileset: Ashenvale

Map #4 – Tibetian Plain
This desolated region of the Himalayas is filled with creatures of all sorts. Ride forth from the mountainside to slay all on your path but beware; the relative warmth of the valleys has already led many to their doom...
Tileset: Lordaeron Winter


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By james7 on Dec-29-05

This map gives me wood


By Shadowy Fear on Jul-18-05

Nice job! =D Overall rating: 8.9/10 :)
The Tibetian Plain could have used some snow weather. The Malayan Plain might have worked better in Sunken Ruins tileset; I liked the waterfalls on the Amazon Plain (although there was a lot of unused room), and I thought the Arabian Plain would be more deserty, instead of autumy. Still, good job! There weren't really that many plains, but still, gj! :D

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