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Labyrinth of Wonders

Map Information
Submitted: Jindo
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Jul-18-05
File Size: 62kb

You are a demon hunter, stranded on a freaky island with all your friends, strange creatures inhabit the lands, beware. Dodge monsters/catapult shots and stay on the path!

Map made by Rageki

aka ~Jindo

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By MaltTaquila on Sep-17-06

im seeing error too....

it looks awesome though

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By Jindo on Nov-10-05

Can't delete it >.
It's been a while since ive checked this but ive got an XP and WEU so any map i make will have no bugged errors about the map not working. Ill make a new one, same name but totally different :)!

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By Pyromancer on Nov-03-05

mabey make an update? i cant get it to work either, and it looks like a really cool map!!!
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By Sil.Guardian on Oct-09-05

Aw crap, this game haves an error, so im gonna delete this, sorry dude, anyways, nice map...... :(
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By Sil.Guardian on Oct-09-05

I like mazes,I haven't tried it, I will send another message after im done playing it. Looks neat. :)
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By Jindo on Aug-06-05

oops.. i cant delete it :P.


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By Jindo on Aug-06-05

You're right :(

I've tried remaking it but my world editor is strange, the units will keep attacking each other no matter what i do... even if they're on the same team :(...

my first GOOD maze and it doesnt work -.- i will delete it sorry.


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By Krakka on Aug-03-05

Everytime I even click on the map to start playing, not even hitting start but clicking on the list, warcraft crashes. Im not sure if this fits in the comment section. If not im sorry
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By Jindo on Jul-18-05

This map i started off in January. Got bored and carried on doing other stuff.

A couple of months later in about March, i dug it out and decided to work on it more.

Now here it is... finished!


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