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BattleGround Generals : v4

Map Information
Submitted: 13lade619
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:Nov-16-07
File Size: 1100kb

BattleGround Generals v4
-All-Out War-

At long last, it has been done.

Prepare for all-out war!
Now, more players can take part in the epic battle.

General Changes :
> Multiplayer conversion for 3 vs 3.
> New game commands : -ap / -om / - ma / -ms.
> Beta Advanced Creep Camps.
> Balancing on Armor Point per Agility Points
> Periodic and Starting Gold.
> Bug fixing.
> Leak Proofing; especially spawning.
> Changed Archers to Spearmen.
> Removed DotA-like kill sounds. Reduces map size. I replaced them with in-game sounds.

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