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Catapult Wars

Map Information
Submitted: Wark
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Jul-26-05
File Size: 55kb

Catapult Wars is my first map that I have made on Warcraft.

You are on a team of 4 players and you have to make units and catapults (or just 1 catapult) and send them over to your enemies base.

If you can get past the main guard tower defences, you must destroy the enemy's Team Flag with a catapult.

Quick FAQs:
Q: How do I make gold?
A: You gain gold every kill, and every 60 seconds

Q: I saw a hero that is rigged!!
A: All heroes are balenced out and none are rigged, mabye you saw another Hero use a potion or item they found at a shop.

Q: Where do I revive my hero?
A: You can revive your hero at your Altar for instant revive (for a cost) or your hero will be revived in 80 seconds after death by Default.

Current Version: v1.0

- Wark


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By runeliger on Nov-16-05

This is one of the funniest and sorta cool maps I've seen in a while. With some work, it'll be even better :D

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