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Pyramidal Defence

Map Information
Submitted: Cohadar
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Jan-03-09
File Size: 731kb
Rating:5.0 / 5

Two opposing teams fight each other
who will survive the oncoming waves of creeps longer.

Each team has it's own pyramid he has to defend,
creeps waves try to climb the pyramid and enter the portal on top.
When creep enters portal team looses a life.
Team that first loses all lives, loses the game.
There are 100 lives for each team on startup.

Creep waves eventually grow stronger and get more wicked abilities,
heroes can fight only creeps on their side, or can backstab heroes of opposing team while they are defending their pyramid.
When hero dies it counts as -1 life for a whole team.


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By Blackrage on Oct-25-08

Sounds awesome.

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