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BattleGround Generals v4.5

Map Information
Submitted: 13lade619
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:Dec-27-07
File Size: 1090kb

BattleGround Generals v4.5

includes new custom items + recipe items.
also fixed some bugs and imba.

The file was optimized by vexorian’s map optimizer (v4.0)
It cut of about 300 kb from the original file.

full changelog:
> to compensate for the addition of items, mana regen, hp regen, armor damage reduction
and creep bounty has been decreased and movespeed was also increased by 10.
> fixed a kill streak bug.
>rebalanced Juggernaut's lifesteal
> Rebalanced Fenrir's 3rd skill
> Remade razkal ultimate and all his abilities' mana costs.
> nerfed Ronin's Edge
> nerfed Dragon spirit
> zoomed out the game camera
> improved revival..
> advanced movement ai by denmax
> fixed ai play bug.

i need C&C.

please check the power balance and cost efficiency of the items.

i also need more item ideas.

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