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Kel'Torin's legacy

Map Information
Submitted: xPheRe
Map Genre:Campaign
Last Update:Nov-17-05
File Size: 250kb

Players allowed: 1

You begin commanding Ker'Abec, just arrived to Skrap'tar island. You must discover the way to the source of power that Ker'Abec, King of the last standing city of the Undead, discovered with its mental abilities.
Only the ancients know the dangers you will find in your way...

Now it includes a cinematic map that introduces you to the mission. The first act is very easy, now I'm working hard in Act II.

Enjoy playing it!

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By tdaf on Aug-24-10

only 1 act? I'm realy borred (Not by the game) so when is act 2 comming?
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By Wow_Master on Sep-07-08

That map was amazing! You are a true master in making maps!


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By Romek on Mar-10-07

Are you still working on Act II? it seems like 2 years now...
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By meanie on Dec-22-05

Nice work! like the difficulty in the first map when i had to kill seals and other easy creeps to raise my arme after an unsuccsesful attack on the harder mobs....Great!
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By Ruben on Dec-01-05

Id like to say nice work! :D Really like the story and your work with use of Cameras is amazing.
Looking forward to act 2 :p
Would be even better with Voices :p
Great work xPheRe :)

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By xPheRe on Nov-17-05

Uploaded again with the crypt bug corrected and some minor translations that I forgot to do last time.
Thanks Pyromancer, pkraktis and massinfantry for reporting the bug.

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By Pyromancer on Nov-16-05

i got the amulet, but when i go to the crypt, nothing happens.
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By xPheRe on Aug-29-05

It's not a map but a campaign
It must be copied into Campaign folder and opened from Custom campaign menu

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By Sud on Aug-29-05

Map isn't working, has a filename extension of "W3n" and it doesn't work even when renamed to a proper extension
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By xPheRe on Aug-01-05

Thx a lot, conan!!
It's great to have good comments from someone as expertised as you :)
I'm working now in the intro cinematics and in the second act. I'm going to release them as soon as is possible.

I hope you've had some fun playing it
Thanks a lot!!

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By XXconanXXX on Jul-31-05

Can't wait for the campaign, considering the map was nicely done. I don't see anything wrong, and everything looks clean and neat. Good job!

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