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(12+1) Epic Rekindle !

Map Information
Submitted: D-Lemon
Map Genre:Melee
Last Update:Feb-20-08
File Size: 333kb

It's my first created W3 TFT map, and the only one at the time. I created it about 2 years ago. I just hadn't uploaded it yet. Map size is "Epic" Maximum in the size. 12 players plus Naga Civilization. It was Massive project. My Love for Warcraft. Tell what you think ;)

"Look for Naga Civilization in Four Dragon Land, and Remember of Four Sacred Places in the outer lands, If you manage to take over them, you will be Undefeatable ! But the way to that is not so simple... So prepare. Happy playing." [Map made by D-Lemon a.k.a. Ilvoent]

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