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RedvsBlue TD v0.04

Map Information
Submitted: hobo218
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:May-26-06
File Size: 86kb

RedvsBlue TD
Version 0.04

9 player map where you can play with one of four races. Red Team, Blue Team, RvB Staff, or Mercs. Defend against 30 levels of creeps including 3 special rounds. Includes 4 bouns rounds. Based off Rooster Teeth's popular RedvsBlue series.

RedvsBlue TD Release History
Created by hobo218
Co-Created by kaisest, Bubbles, and Rastamon

Version .04


-Red and Blue Team price increased to 3000. Now also increased lumber cost to 3.
-Gold is no longer awarded at the end of each round
-Gold recieved at lvl 5,10,20, and 27 at 50, 100, 200, and 300 gold respectivly

-Increased overall speed of the attacking waves along with increase HP to increase difficulty
-Monster amound for each spawn decreased by 5 down to 15

-Church's range decreased
-Sheila's damage increased slightly

-Simmons frost attack removed, cooldown increased. Damage decreased as well.

-Tex damage increase, along with range

RvB Staff
-Burnie price up to 600, range decreased
-G-Funk range, splash decreased / cooldown increased slightly.
-Gus splash decreased slightly

-Bush doodads deleted so they won't interfere with mazing anymore
-Unbuildable terrain added to certain points around spawn to prevent killsteal
-Decreased region size to reduce number of creep attacks
-Matt's building base texture fixed to normal size
-Changed Grif's icon to Arthas instead of Vamparic Aura
-Smoothed some hills out for more natural look

-Added the Ancient of Days- Upgraded to destroy killstealing buildings
-New people added to Creator Kick
-Added O'Malley as a Cold Tower to Merc Base
-Famouse line added to Gus

-New towers [hopefully]
-Sale prices calculated again
-Famous lines added/updated

Version .03


-Red and Blue Team price increased from 2050 to 2700

-Compleatly rebuilt the race to balance it out more

-Scaled Grif's projectiles, hopefully for less lag
-Grif's cooldown to .75 from .70 and damage up from 9 to 11
-The Puma's damage dice down to 25 from 30 and base damage decreased from 45 to 40
-The Puma's cooldown down from .80 to .75
-Sarge's damage to 430 from 385 and damage dice from 28 to 30 along with projectile speed decrease
-Sarge's cost to 510 from 500
-Donut's cooldown raised from .80 to .95 but damage is up from 60 to 80
-Simmons damage up to 140 from 130
-Simmons 2.0's cooldown to .50 from .45 and damage to 255 from 250

RvB Staff
-Matt's damage down from 150 to 140
-G-Funks damage down to 30 from 35
-Gus's cooldown to .75 from .70
-Burnie's damage down 10 from 395 to 385

Creep Changes
-All air levels only spawn 15 unis instead of 17 at each spawn point to hopefully cut back on air difficulty
-Level 10 Kelly increased movement speed from 420 to 435 and HP from 375 to 430

- Changed doodads that say RedvsBlue so where they look smoother, and less "laggy"
- Fixed Defeat trigger so now it's causes less lag and it works now
- Compleatly rebuilt The Ghost of Church to debug it. It now works.
- Rebuilt the "Creator Kick" system to consolidate triggers and reduce lag
- Went through and removed most pathing memory leaks
- Added some code to help improve game/map exit time
- Added unbuildable terrain at the green and pink "ralley" points so where creeps won't attack if you build there
- Fixed color "problem" in the loading screen so the MasterofABC's doesn't have any more seizures :P
- Not really a fix but I condensed all the stuff that comes up at the initialization so it's not as clutered.
- Increased the "randomness" of the tip displaying
- All known memory leaks fixed. (pathing, player groups, and units)
- Pathing issues with air "cutting" have been fixed
- Fixed some typos
- Sounds now work after changing terrain
- Hotkey bugs have been fixed
- Creator Kick tweaked a little for easier use
- Some terrain tweaks have been made for easier playing

- Added the "-lives" command to now see how many lives you have left at any time.
- Creator kick system now requires a password to enable

- Updated the tooltips for all the towers to be more descriptive
- Added Famous Lines to each tower's tool tips quoting a well-known line from the RedvsBlue series
- Updated the Loading Screen info along with giving it a new background
- Built entirly new terrain for the map

Upcoming Content
- The AA towers are most likely gonna be coming in next version
- Changes/Balance updates in terrain
- Balance updates
- Pathing fixes
- The Ghost of Church in the Blue Base

Special thanks to MasterofABC's for going through and playing all the races to help find bugs. Also UnknownVector for removing all known memory leaks.

Version .02


Red Team
- Scaled Projectiles on Grif
- Increased Cooldown on Grif
- Decreased damage slightly on Grif
- Decreased damage dice on The Puma
- Changed attack animation on Donut
- Increased cooldown on Simmons
- Increased splash slightly on Simmons
- Decreased projectile speed on Simmons 2.0
- Un-Scaled projectile on Simmons 2.0
- Increased base damage on Sarge
- Decreased damage dice on Sarge
- Removed cold arrows on Sarge
- Removed mana on Sarge
- Upped cost to 500 on Sarge

RedvsBlue Staff
- Decreased range on Gus
- Decreased splash on Gus
- Decreased cooldown on G-Funk
- Decreased damage on G-Funk
- Changed attack type to Hero from Chaos on Jason
- Lowered selection scale on Matt
- Increased cooldown on Matt
- Changed attack type to Hero from Chaos on Matt
- Increased cost to 520 on Burnie
- Decreased damage dice on Burnie

Blue Base
- Increased scaling value on Captain Flowers
- Changed color on Captain Flowers
- Changed attack type from chaos to normal on Captain Flowers
- Increased scaling value on Tucker
- Decreased damage dice on Shiela
- Decreased damage on Shiela
- Increased cost on Church
- Decreased splash on Church

- Decreased damage on Gary the Computer
- Changed attacky type from piercing to magic on Gary the Computer
- Changed model file on Gary the Computer
- Decreased damage dice on Andy the Bomb
- Increased scaling value on Andy the Bomb
- Decreased splash slightly on Andy the Bomb
- Decreased splash on Religous Red Guy
- Decreased projectile speed on Religous Red Guy
- Increased scaling value on Religous Red Guy
- Decreased cost on Vic
- Decreased damage dice on Vic
- Increased range slightly on Vic
- Increased cooldown on Lopez
- Increased damage dice on Lopez
- Changed in-game icon on Lopez
- Decreased cost on Doc
- Increased range on Doc
- Increased cost on Tex
- Increase splash slightly on Tex
- Changed attack type from Normal to Hero on Tex

Red and Blue Team
- Decreased cost
- Decreased range
- Decreased projectile speed

Creep Changes
- Level 9 creep name changed to Elite on Ghost
- Level 10 Kelly increased HP
- Level 15 Sam increased HP
- Level 28 Plasma Shield armor increased
- BONUS 2 John increased scaling value
- BONUS 4 Your Mother bounty decreased
- Level 28 Plasma Shield movement speed increased
- Level 10 Kelly increased movement speed
- Level 28 Plasma Shield bounty decreased
- Level 28 Plasman Shield armor changed to Fortified

- Fixed bug where it would show you picked Normal Mode (20 Lives) when you actually picked Easy.
- Fixed bug where it would show you picked Easy Mode (40 Lives) when you actually picked Normal.
- Fixed bug where RvB Staff building could be built anywhere
- Spawn differential changed to .03 seconds between each spawn to reduce lag when creeps spawn.
- Fixed all known memory leaks.
- Fixed bug where it would show "(null)" along with the Level declaration.
- Fixed bug where it would set level to 5 and show what levels air was when you typed "-air"

- Changed Level (#)- (Creep Name) so where Level is now displayed in Green
- Speed, HP, and Armor levels are now declared with text.
- Blink now has correct hot key hightlighted and also has edited Tool Tip.
- All sale prices have been calculated to exactly 75% except for the units where the costs where changed. That issue will be fixed in beta v3 or if no v3 then v1.0
- You now get 5 seconds after the last level before the game ends instead of it ending instantly. This is to increase the time to destroy and close down game triggers. This will reduce end of game lag.
- Level info now comes up earlier.
- Fixed a typo with the Difficulty Selection Dialog Box.
- Re-Ordered buildings on Merc builder.
- Fixed terrain bug at the bottom ramp (where creeps exit map) where the edge of the ramp had a tear.
- Installed a Creator Kick feature.
- Updated quest info.


- Famous lines will be added for each tower, quoting a well-known line from the RedvsBlue show.
- Tool Tips will have more tower description and explanation.
- Will be adding an AA tower for each race, each with a lvl 2 upgrade
- A new tower will also be added. We would put this tower in Ver.2b but we are still debugging it's special ability, which is the main reason we are adding the tower.
- I will compleatly redo the pathing in order to debug and fix memory leaks.


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By iPeez on Jun-12-08

nice ,)

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