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Reptile Evolve

Map Information
Submitted: Cup2fun
Map Genre:Melee
Last Update:Feb-27-08
File Size: 345kb

Build your reptile empire from only one to millions, destroy your enemy, conquer the map, and forge alliances with other reptile Armies!


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By NightShade on Aug-07-08

uh, how are you supposed to play multiplayer when everybody is on the same team and you can't change your team!? You need at least two teams to play multiplayer.

By duderock101 on Mar-01-08

could do with a lot more work.

Mabey add some things for single player and make it harder to upgrade to the strongest stuff, it took me 5 mins to get to the top. And the spawn 25 eggs should be destoryed if you get 5 of them thats 125 eggs per 30 seconds if your near a reptile pool.

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