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Alien Vs Predator War TWV

Map Information
Submitted: thewrongvine
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:Mar-07-08
File Size: 2944kb
Rating:5.0 / 5

Originated from Predator Wars, edited greatly into AVPW. Custom models/skins, sick abilities and items. Fight as either a Human, Predator, or Alien/Queen to keep your race alive.

Players: 4(1+3)v3v4(1+3)

Human: Choose from 4 unique classes and explore your way into the pyramid. Your ultimate goal is to kill the alien queen. Do not die or your race may become extinct! Find the MWR, your racial item, to help dominate them. Remember, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Queen/Alien: If you are the queen, survive and hatch aliens to devour the enemies. If you are an alien, protect the queen at all costs and kill your enemies. Find the Praetorian Egg, your racial item, to help dominate your enemies.

Predators:As the elite race, you must not fail. Enter the pyramid with your brothers and kill the alien queen to win the hunting "game". Fail and you will be disgraced. Choose from 3 different classes and work together. Find the Shoulder Cannon, your racial item, to help dominate your enemies. You'll soon see that humans may not be so weak after all...

Hope you like it! I spent a lot of time on it. For more information, go to where my thread on this map is.


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