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God of War DOTA

Map Information
Submitted: amostad
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Mar-16-08
File Size: 127kb

here you can start either as a night elf or a undead both gott same heros creeps are attack all the time and you need to gett powerfull for the guardians when you have beaten your enemy you have won :)


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By amostad on Jul-18-08

hmm i have discovered som buggs so it will come a God of War DOTA 2.0 soon : D

By amostad on May-01-08

hmm i dont gett those buggs the enemy isnt destroying their own town and the lvl 100 hero works i gett the victory message when i win

By amostad on Mar-17-08

thank you im gona try fixing it and thank you for downloading

By StrawyBlood on Mar-17-08

Well, I had played it.
I liked it :) but it can be bored cause is soooo long the game for the level 100 enemy heroe and the "indestructible" building xD
I played the game like one hour (with the "greedisgood" cheat) xDDD its tooo long O_o
There are some errors, like:
* I can get more heroes using an item for teleporting my heroe.
* The enemy was destroying their own town xDD (LOL)
* The level 100 heroe is some kind of stupid º_o He didnt do anything! even when enemy is attacking the town ¬¬
*When you are choosing the heroes, some heroes have requeriments, so they cant be choose.

When i killed my enemy, nothing happened. At leats you can add a message saying: "you win", "Enemy was eliminated" or something like that.
And a funny thing is when i won, the map keeps creating more units!! The map lag my computer cause in the map wre like +400 friendly units xDDD
You have to reduce the life of the "tree of age" and the "Lich King" building cause uff... I was getting bored!! like +15 minutes destroying that thing!! well xDD

All the rest is good! I liked it XDD
(Sorry for my terrible english ¬¬)

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