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In the city of Alune live the life of... (BETA)

Map Information
Submitted: duderock101
Map Genre:Role Playing
Last Update:Mar-24-08
File Size: 520kb


The time of war is over... the free people of Azeroth have left the state of war. With the burning leigion finally defeated there is peace between all races. The song of death has still not stopped because those that fought for the Allaince have lost their jobs, there familys starve to death...

You and your freinds come from a group of villagers that lived on the pay of those that fought. You have come to Alunde to find a place to call your home. You must get a job, keep out of trouble, play with your friends and more other things. There is no combat in Alunde expect for the bandits that have raids on the town daily and if you wanted to become an assassin well then. You get the plot...

This multiplayer type "live the life of a person" game will take your breathe away at the complexity of the game. This is only the beta version but you cans till do many things. Bet with your friends in the arena. Become assassins and raid the whole of the city. Become a farmer and breed sheep or work in a shop keeping out unwanted guests or join the police force and stop bandits from destroying the town, you could even let your friends out of jail early...

You can work alone or have fun with your mates. It is up to you, can you stop the starvation and buy your own home. Or will you go to a tavern and seek a room.

Your food cap is basically how hungry you are. It gose down every 18 seconds and if you don't feed your self you shall starve to death... you wouldn't want that would you?

Can you unlock the secret of the hospital, why is there dead bodies everywhere and why can you only leave it not go back in...

Would you like to get trapped in the city hall and see what things haunt it...

It's up to you, a fun endless game that can be only enjoyed to the full if you have a full list of freinds playing with you. You may also play single player but there isn't much fun out of it.

Give a big thank you to Sjakie, Duderock101 and Jade for making this map.

Jade made half of this map and i helped finish it off. Sjakie helped me i think... well he should of but never mind lets no go there.

And linums don't give me -Rep because the title is crap or anything like that... lol

Thanks for reading and if you do playing the game. IT is protected but if you would like to know any of the triggers int he game just PM me and i will see about it.

BTW you might need to open the file with world editor, when i protected it it didn't save it properly but it should work...


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By duderock101 on Mar-25-08

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