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The_Idea's Hero Maul Trailer

Map Information
Submitted: Grurf
Map Genre:Cinematic
Last Update:Sep-01-05
File Size: 4264kb

Sorry about the protection, but this file contains some of my precious triggered spells =). This is the trailer of my new upcoming map. Alpha- & Betatesting is now busy on Lordaeron (U.S. West). If you add The_Idea to your friends list you will be messaged when a new testing session starts. Enjoy this sneak preview of an upcoming map!

Also look at my new mapping site:


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By ayumilove on Feb-02-07

here are some of my comments about your cinematic

1. you use a custom background music
2. very smooth camera
3. big huge fonts that describes your map

1. the terrain is really bad (no doodads,trees, grass)
2. the camera is way too low till you see the sky
3. the fonts are too huge
4. over usage of black fade outs
5. unecessary shaking of camera (use it when earthquake)
6. the song used here is totally not matching
7. the abilities doesn't look apetizing, brush up abit,
8. abilities showcase is really bad, camera is way too close

in conclusion, dont be so over worried that people would steal your triggers. The abilities i seen from your cinematic is depressing. not up to my expecation, create something like omnislash, something that is viewable.

overall rating 2/10.

ps: don't be discouraged of the rating, because from the cinematic you have made, you have potential but you lack the creativity of being a director of a particular cinematic.

By Grurf on Aug-19-05

Any other comments?

By Grurf on Aug-16-05

=) Thanks! I'm working very hard on it. The beta will start in a few weeks. The 1.00 release is, as stated, planned in october.

By Xoator on Aug-15-05

It sounds like a FUN map i cant wait to play in =)

By Grurf on Aug-13-05

Well, what do you guys think if it?

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